Every step of our lives, we should be grateful to God and reward ourselves knowing that we did our very best at every step.

Many times in our lives we regret past decisions but always remember that at that former moment that was your best and even though later it does not look good enough, don’t put yourself down.

Trust that God has a greater plan for you than you have ever imagined. His love for you is ever sure and stronger than your mind can ever fathom. Rely on him completely. Don’t let your family or even yourself unnecessarily pressure you to be something you are not. Sometimes we need to realise that there is more to this life than momentary success and if you insist on living that way, no matter what you do whatever you achieve will never satisfy you and that is not worth living.

Live to impact others because that is the true life worth living. I trust that you will live a blessed life. It may be hard but always remember to be thankful and do your best at each step and phase of your life. Remember, you are always good enough let nothing or no one tell you otherwise.

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