At the beginning of our university journey, twenty-five of my course mates were on a first class. Today, they are only seven in our final lap of the journey.

Discussing with someone yesterday, she reflected on the fact that she was one of them and I remember telling her not to dwell on the past and to make the best of her present for her future. Some of the Twenty-five felt that just because they were privileged to be there, they will always remain at the top while the others worked hard to ensure that they finish well. Currently, there is now a clear difference between these two sets of people. People in the latter set today are still in the top 20 of our class while the others have dropped remarkably.

When you dwell on past glory, it blinds you from seeing what you can achieve in the near future. Ten years from now, you will still be saying I was on a first class. My friend, its in the past. What are you now? No one cares what you were, they care about what you can offer at the moment.

Always aim to be better than you were. No one cares that you were the best graduating student in primary school if you come out of university with a third class. What we care about is what you are now and what you will be. If you live saying, “I was the best student in primary school” you will never move forward and all you will be is a has-been.

Make something of yourself. Reward yourself for accomplishing your goals and then set higher ones. You are better than that former accomplishment, you just haven’t realised it yet. Wake up! The world doesn’t care who you were. We need someone to make a difference NOW. Will you be that person?

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