In the bible, The shunamite woman almost gave up (2 Kings 4:21-25) but at the nick of time God intervened. The same goes for Lazarus (John 11:40), his siblings were already mourning him but God intervened at the perfect time. Don’t let people move you when they ask “Where is your God?” .God has a plan for you, a reason why you were created.

So many times I wondered why I experienced some things in my life.I started to feel like God didn’t love me anymore. I even felt that I was doing something wrong. I pushed myself into service i.e. I served a lot in choir, I prayed, I joined fasts but nothing was changing. I almost lost myself but at the moment I was about to lose hope, I found light at the end of the tunnel. I found I could relate to others that were going through difficult times and became more humane.

When I was a top student, I never understood the feeling of having a ‘D’ as your final course grade. Now I know it is an extremely devastating feeling especially when you thought you did your best but funnily enough that narrow escape always made me grateful to God beyond my wildest dreams.

Suddenly I could relate when people said they didn’t understand something and I could inspire others to achieve great dreams.  If I had never failed (when I say failed I mean C’s and D’s not F’s, for me the feeling was the same), I never would have been able inspire people to succeed. In life, I believe those who have failed can tell you how to succeed because they can tell you how to avoid failure. Now I appreciate success and it’s no more usual to me. I am also more grateful to God for all he does for me.

This challenge I faced made me love him more and I am ever grateful for all he does for me. For me this was my divine intervention. It made me become humble and fit for his use. Trust that God always has a plan for you, he uses every challenge to change and shape you into the person he wants you to be.

Remember this: He loves you. The world isn’t rosy not because he doesn’t want it to be, he just wants you to appreciate it when he does good things for you. Imagine if you utilize #17,000 monthly for feeding and other needs from #20,000  you receive as your salary or allowance. If there is a change and you receive #50,000 as salary or allowance for the next month, you will be overflowing with joy thinking of all you could finally buy and still save . You will definitely bless and appreciate the source of that income. It’s the same with God, he does not want us to take what he does for granted, he wants us to appreciate and bless him for all he does for us.

Love God. He has a greater purpose for you beyond what you can ever imagine. Trust him and remember that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. It all happens for a reason. Keep smiling!


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