At the age of 8, my mum sat me down, cupped my face in her hands and told me that I was beautiful. I felt special and till the day I die I will never forget that day. I would look in the mirror every day to see what my mum referred to as beautiful and repeat it to myself many times later when others didn’t agree.

I believed these words but I never understood the true meaning behind it. It means YOU ARE completely BEAUTIFUL. Breaking this down: every part of your body, your mind, your laugh, every inch of you is beautiful.

I wish I had known then what I do now because from the time my aunt saw stretch marks on my hips at the age of 10, she told me that I would be so fat that I would not be able to pass the door and I vividly remember saying, “God forbid!” (Twice) while snapping my fingers.

By the age of 12, my body experienced a rapid growth beyond my classmates. I had a small waist and according to people “huge” hips and to make matters worse, I was tall. I felt so inferior. I remember always thinking to myself “Why can’t I be small like everyone else?”

At that time, my siblings were small so it’s not like I felt normal-size at home. From this period of time people referred to me as “fat” and that sunk in. I no longer accepted the totality of the words, “I am beautiful”. Looking back I had the body women are crying to have today but I would always wear big shirts and baggy pants to cover it up so as not to draw attention to myself. It was a dark time.

I knew that God said in his word that I am fearfully and wonderfully made but never took it to heart. He also said in Genesis 1: 27 that I was made in his image, but after all this how could I not feel perfect? The world has distorted our view on perfection, we need to remove the veil from our eyes and look at ourselves with new eyes. God has already said we are perfectly made and he never makes mistakes.

Whose perfection standard are we really looking to? Someone will just wake up one morning and dictate the perfect body to us, today its “thick”, tomorrow “thin”. Why would you compare everyone by the same standard when God made us all different? We are 1% different in our genetic make-up from the person next to us and that makes us unique. Don’t look towards the world’s standard but look towards God’s perfect standard.

Even though I regularly diet and exercise, I can never be a size 2 and I’m happy with that. In the end we’ll all find that man/ woman that would love us for us so please don’t be afraid because you are perfect by God’s standard. Fat, slim or thick it doesn’t matter what you are called because you are perfect. Just live a healthy lifestyle so that you will live a long blessed life and let no one make you feel inferior. As Eleanor Roosevelt said: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”.


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